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Forest and natural resource consulting since 1994.


Renewable Energy Consulting

Feasibility Studies

INRS performs feasibility studies associated with renewable energy to determine associated economic factors, logistic, technical/mechanical limitations and social impact for renewable energy projects.

Biomass Supply Analysis

Biomass supply analysis consist of in-depth reviews of biomass harvesting and supply systems, including a review of competitors, supply infrastructure, and price forecasting.


INRS supports private companies and government agencies in preparation and submittal of permits, as well as post-permitting regulatory compliance.

Renewable Energy Certificate Market Analysis

The success of renewable energy projects relies not only on the market for the product (for example, electricity or liquid fuels), but also “green” credits associated with this product. INRS has unique understanding of the market for renewable energy certificates, carbon credits, federal tax incentives, and state and federal funding available to help projects succeed.

Managing Diesel Risk for Biomass Users

The cost of woody biomass is directly linked to the cost of diesel fuel. INRS has developed a unique approach to managing this cost risk.

INRS Diesel Risk Management Service

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Clients & Partners

  • ReEnergy Holdings
  • Ensyn
  • ExxonMobil
  • ReHeat UK
  • Standard Biocarbon
  • Biomass Power Association
  • Lyme Green Heat
  • Penobscot Biorefining
  • Twin Energy (wind)
  • Anheuser Busch
  • Dominion
  • Thermal Renewable Energy Certificate representation in partnership with WES Energy & Environment, LLC

INRS Biomass Fuel Analysis

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INRS Wood Pellet Plant Feasibility Analysis

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