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NEW!! See Eric Kingsley's March presentation to the New England Regional Council on Forest Engineering . HERE.

NEW!! See Charlie Levesque's presentation to the NE Society of American Foresters 2019 mtg. HERE.

NEW!! See Charlie Levesque's new trucking article in the Northern Logger March 2019 edition. HERE.

NEW!! See Charlie Niebling's new wood heat article in Northern Woodlands winter 2018-19 edition. HERE.

RECENT! See Charlie Levesque's presentation on the economic state of the forest products industry in the northeast at the New England Society of American Forester meeting in New Hampshire HERE.

RECENT! See Charlie Levesque's presentation on low-grade wood markets in the northeast at the northern regional round-up meeting of the Vermont Forest Products Association in Vermont HERE.

RECENT! Speaking in West Virginia at a symposium on Opportunities for Underutilized Wood, INRS’s Eric Kingsley spoke about perceived (and real) volatility in low-grade wood markets, and discussed strategies suppliers and consumers can take to maintain stable pricing, availability and a robust supply chain. See his presentation HERE.

RECENT! See Charlie Levesque's presentation on low-grade markets and silviculture in the northeast from the national Society of American Foresters convention in New Mexico in November HERE.

RECENT!See Charlie Niebling & Eric Kingsley's Northern Logger article on Biomass in the northeast HERE.

RECENT!See Charlie Levesque & Eric Kingsley's Forest Notes article on Biomass in the New Hampshire HERE.

RECENT!See Charlie Niebling presentation on adding thermal RECs to state policy at recent conferences HERE.

RECENT!Charlie Niebling article on Heating Matters in Northern Logger 2017 HERE.

RECENT!Eric Kingsley and Charles Levesque presentations from a Low-grade timber markets roundtable meeting held in Plymouth NH, July 25, 2017 HERE and HERE.

RECENT! Hollis Schools (NH) Energy Project: 4-page summary of INRS study done in partnership with HotZero HERE.

RECENT! Read Charlie Niebling's latest article on modern wood heat in the Northeast in Biomass Magazine

Read Eric Kingsley's February, 2017 Northern Logger article on the Northeast Pulp and Paper Industry. And also his November, 2016 biomass article from theNorthern Logger

RECENT! All new and updated! Get the new free About My Woods app for Apple and Android platforms. Just go to Apple App Store or Google Play Store and search for About My Woods.

AND...Our new INRS Biomass Thermal Project Calculator. (Note: when the Excel file opens, click "Edit in Browser" in upper left hand to use it.)

This financial tool allows you to determine the financial feasibility of switching from fossil fuel heat to wood heat at the community, commercial and institutional scale.

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